Artist: Cosmo Pyke
Director: Joshua Osborne
Location: Peckham, London, UK
Year: 2017

The ‘Just Cosmo’ EP is a brilliant extended play that must be listened to in it’s entirety. That being said, the finale track Great Dane is an amazing tune and argueably a subtle favourite among the majority of listeners who listened to the album in full. The mellow and sweet sounds are now perfectly accompanied by relaxing visuals of Cosmo skating around and chilling alongside his gorgeous friend enjoying a day in the park.

Cosmo Pyke Bio

Cosmo Pyke (that’s his real name) is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Peckham. Raised on a diet of blues, jazz, hip hop, and neo-soul, he writes warm, lo-fi songs that he describes as “spacey, beautiful, and lazy”. His songs draw less on other music and more on his everyday experiences growing up in south east London: reading books, going to pubs, playing football, and other simple pleasures in life.

As an emerging artist, Cosmo Pyke does not have a wikipedia page yet… When there is one please contact us so we can update his bio. In the meantime, read an Dazed Digital’s interview and artist profile.


Shout out to Cosmo for delivering such an incredible EP, Joshua Osborne for directing the complimentary visuals, and of course thank you to the beautiful actress for starring in the great music video.

Connect with Cosmo Pyke

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