This website is built openly and is inclusive to all, enabling many ways for you to get involved. Whether you are an art-lover, creative, developer, or designer, rhymes with zion is an inclusive space for collaboration. The main way to get involved is to contribute, whether it be providing content by becoming a curator or individual submissions. If you are not interested in contributing content, you can still get involved through providing feedback which will help continuously improve your experience. If generating content or feedback forms are not your thing but you still want to get involved, there are plenty other ways to support.


This website embraces openness and collaboration, the best way to provide an inclusive environment with diverse works of art being displayed within a digital place is through other people curating it. If you are interested in curating, please follow the instructions on the template.

When curating you are free to create your own theme or vibe. You will need to have 7 draft posts (follow the post template but feel free to get creative) in order to get a curator’s profile webpage. Curators profile webpage includes; a bio write-up / photo / relevant links -

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and curate rhymes with zion’s audio-visual art gallery which dwells in cyberspace but want to know a bit more about it before you begin filling out the template, please don’t hesitate to contact If you would like to contribute but don’t want to commit to becoming a curator, than feel free to contribute an individual submission.


We strive for continuous improvement of the website and the ideas behind it.. Whether you think the build, content, design, scope, or just overall user experience of rhymes with zion can be improved, we would love to hear your feedback.


IF you are interested in contributing to the website, but do not want to commit to becoming a curator then you can do a one-off submission of an individual post. There is always a need for more audio-visual work of art to fill infinite void. If you have a posting idea than please fill out the submission form on the website.

Other ways to support

As mentioned in our documentation, rhymes with zion is not commercially driven and there is no profits being earned from the website. That being said, there still is a cost for rhymes with zion to be able to sustain and monetary support enables this sustainability. If you like what we are doing but are not interested in actively getting involved, consider a one-off financial support:

If you are not interested in contributing your time or money to the website but still enjoy it, there are plenty of other ways which you can support rhymes with zion:

  • Share it with others, tell people how awesome this website is (and if you don’t think it is awesome tell us how we can improve
  • Connect with us across the web by following and engaging with rhymeswithzion on our various digital platforms we are a part of.
  • Support the artists you’ve experienced and enjoyed through
  • Take care of yourself, use this website for therapeutic purposes and embrace the works of art which are presented for their intrinsic value. Take some time to reflect and improve your well-being. By improving yourself, you are improving your relationship with others and indirectly improving the world (and indirectly improving

Thank you for the support, appreciates all the love