Artist: Grizzly Bear
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Year: 2017

Taking the viewer/listener’s experience through a sonic landscape, challenging harmony, but yet not losing touch with the simplicity of the songs themselves; Grizzly Bear’s Painted Ruins is a masterpiece. Indie Rock has never felt so refreshing in 2017.

Grizzly Bear Bio

Grizzly Bear is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2002. The band consists of Edward Droste (vocals, guitar, keyboards, omnichord), Daniel Rossen (vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards), Chris Taylor (bass, backing vocals, various instruments, producer), and Christopher Bear (drums, backing vocals). The band employs traditional and electronic instruments. Their sound has been categorized as psychedelic pop, folk rock, and experimental, and is dominated by the use of vocal harmonies.

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Director- Beatrice Pegard
Cinematography- Zoe White
Production Company - Le Pac

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